Does your child love trains?

Do they get excited when they see (or hear) a train? Do they ask you to take them to watch trains? Are they mesmerized by moving machinery? Do they love watching train videos on Youtube?

While all of our DVDs are kid-friendly, some titles have proven to be more popular with children than others. All of the DVDs on this page are recommended for children. There is no appropriate age range, as these productions have been enjoyed by children (and adults) of all ages. The titles below are sure to excite and entertain (and hopefully provide a bit of relaxation for parents too).

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Reading & Northern 2102
Return of the Rambles Vol.1

Durango & Silverton NG Railroad
Winter Along the Animas

Union Pacific 4014
Big Boy Back on Tour 2021

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 1
The Great Race to Ogden

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 2
Great Race Across the Midwest

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 3
Great Race Across the Southwest

In Search of Steam - Vol. 1
On the Mainline 2017

In Search of Steam - Vol. 2
The Best of 2018

In Search of Steam - Vol. 3
The Best of 2019

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 5

Winter Steam
Volume 2

Winter on the Narrow Gauge
Flanger Special on the C&TS

Reading & Northern #425
Solo Excursions

Reading and Northern #425
Autumn Leaf Excursions

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 1
The Durango & Silverton

Union Pacific #844
South to the Southwest

Reading and Northern #425
Blue Mountain Thunder Vol. 1

Reading and Northern #425
Blue Mountain Thunder Vol. 2